has existed in one form or other since 2013, mostly as a media business, doing video production and photography. However, in 2018 the purpose is so different to how it began, that The Old Ways no longer apply.

While initially the site existed as a method for me to train newcomers and collect knowledge, the growth has been phenomenal.  It is no longer just me in the driver’s seat, and many talented people have come on board, both in a content creation role and in leadership.  When we decided to make the site A Thing and open application to the public, renaming or rebranding seemed unnecessary as all the structures existed and worked, but with the name and branding no longer representative of our mission, something had to change.

And that was the name.  After conducting user feedback studies and many, many discussions, we settled on, as it captures the point of what we’re here to do – give up and coming journalists, casters and media a chance to prove themselves and get trained by some of the best in the industry.

Over the coming months we’ll be expanding the team and the coverage further, so stay tuned, smash that follow button.  While it does feel a little strange to say goodbye to it, looking through the post history and articles from me are few and far between – I no longer produce the bulk of the content, and the people on the ground doing the work deserve the credit.

The media business returns to its roots, doing Diamond-level production at a Silver price, and Proving Grounds will be able to flourish.

With such amazing writers Miles Yim, Chelsea Jack, Dognolia, Steven Nguyen, Bonnie Qu, Mike Andronico, Damian Alonzo and so many more, they deserve to not be attributed to my name.

I hope you’ll all support the site going forward, and help us bring you the best content possible from all corners of the globe, while seeking out the best upcoming talent.

And if you’d like to work in esports media as a writer, interviewer, photographer, video editor, producer or on-air talent, join the discord and get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

Thank you.


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Writer, Editor, Photographer, Video Girl, Audio Engineer, Broadcast Producer. Esports Veteran. I play Gnar, AMA.

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