New team: FPX/BLG/TOP/FPX ; Gone team: Newbee/IMay/DAN


won the spot bidding

official announcement(in Chinese)

BSYY head coach transfer from DAN,veteran player&coach from season 2
Gimgoon Top transfer from GT (LSPL)
Pepper Jungler transfer from RNG, was RNG.Y1HAN
bing Mid former SAT mid in 2017 spring, SAT disbanded after relegated from LSPL
lwx ADC transfer from Newbee
Crisp Support transfer from Newbee
Disappear Support transfer from Royal (LSPL), was RYL. Despa1r


official announcement(in Chinese)

HooN head coach former Team WE assistant coach
Rui head coach
Loong Top
Crash Jungler
Easyhoon Mid
Martin ADC
Caveman Support
Meow Top
Snow ADC former ME (LSPL)
Bright Mid


won the spot bidding

official announcement(in Chinese)

Steak head coach  transfer from FW
Mouse Top  transfer from EDG
Flawless Jungler  transfer from IMay
Doinb Mid  transfer from JDG
Smlz ADC  transfer from OMG
Killua Support  transfer from YM (LSPL)


unofficial announcement(in Chinese by media wanplus)

XiaoAL Top
H4cker Jungler
Tian Jungler  transfer from YM (LSPL)
fenfen Mid
Knight Mid  transfer from YM (LSPL), landed #1 in Korean server multipy times
Fury ADC
Yoon Support
Brain Support


bought IMay’s spot

official announcement(in Chinese)

Maokai head coach  former EDG analyst
AmazingJ Top  former IMay top
Freecss Top  transfer from EDG, was EDG. Audi
SKS Jungler  former IMay jungler
Chieftain Jungler  transfer from EDG acadamy
Athena Mid  former IMay Mid
Mole Mid  former IMay acadamy
Jinjiao ADC  former IMay ADC
Road Support  former IMay Support


bought DAN’s spot

official announcement(in Chinese)

Slythe head coach  former support player in 2144(BSYY as coach), 2144 rebranded as DAN after they join LPL in 2017 summer
Moyu Top  former DAN
Lies Top  former DAN
Xx Jungler
Karin Jungler  former DAN
Ggoong Mid  former DAN
qi Mid  former DAN
QiuQiu ADC  former DAN
Cat Support  former DAN
Fage Support  former DAN


unofficial announcement(in Chinese)
Team WE’s CEO SmallOrc chatted a bit about their future roster in his stream:

  • main roster of 957/Condi/xiye/Mystic/Ben won’t change
  • still debating about whether Zero changes his role into coach, most likely won’t
  • still trying to get a veteran player to come to play for Team WE, but he kept declining

As of Dec. 21st 8:00pm, the transfer window of LPL officially closed (extended 5 hours longer than other regions).  That being said, the roster still has wiggle room because free agents can still be signed after transfer window closed.


LPL is a region infamously known for its chaotic style and not willing to do announcements before they absolutely have to. Starting this afternoon (Beijing time), OMG began by announcing their official roster for 2018. EDG, RNG, JDG, LGD, Snake, and IG all announced theirs shortly afte., here’s the official line up for those 7 teams in 2018 LPL Spring split.


official announcement(in Chinese)

NoFe head coach
Hermes analyst
Ray Top transfer from Cloud9
Clearlove Jungler
Haro Jungler joined EDG acadamy team in 2017
Scout Mid
iBoy ADC
Hope ADC joined EDG acadamy team in 2017
Meiko Support


official announcement(in Chinese)

Heart head coach promoted from assistant coach
doG8 assistant coach
xiaoxuan assistant coach
Letme Top
tianCi Top transfer from Royal (LSPL)
Mlxg Jungler
Karsa Jungler transfer from FW
Xiaohu Mid
y4  ADC
Able  ADC known to many as “Zhanqisusu”
PiPiXuAn  ADC transfer from Royal (LSPL), former VG. Xuan
Ming Support


official announcement(in Chinese)

UDJ head coach
Vu5So analyst
Zoom Top transfer from DS (LSPL)
Clid Jungler
Xiaohan Jungler transfer from LD (LSPL)
Yagao Mid transfer from MSC (LSPL)
RD ADC transfer from LD (LSPL)
LvMao Support


official announcement(in Chinese)

Duke Top
TheShy Top
Ning Jungler
kidkid Jungler
Rookie Mid
JackeyLove ADC being hyped since 2016 NEST
West ADC
Baolan Support


official announcement(in Chinese)

Zhu Kai head coach
Flandre Top
SofM Jungler
Zzr Jungler
Guoguo Mid was subbing in 2017 for Zz1tai
hudie Support


official announcement(in Chinese)

Acorn head coach
DP assistant coach
Jinoo Top
Banana Top
Eimy Jungler
Yuuki Mid TGA (city league) player
Nanzhu Mid EDG acadamy
Fdy ADC LGD acadamy
pyl Support also LGD’s team captain


official announcement(in Chinese)

Mingzhe head coach
Xiyang analyst
Casual Top transfer from OMD (LSPL)
world6 Jungler
jiekou Jungler
Fireloli Jungler transfer from EDG
Chelly ADC transfer from GT (LSPL)
Five Support
Maestro Support had a fallout with OMG in 2017

LPL 2018 will have 14 teams. The remaining teams who still haven’t announced their rosters are VG, WE, SNG, and four new members of LPL —— RogueWarriors (ASUS’s ROG, won the spot bidding), BLG (bought IMay), FunPlusX (bought Newbee’s spot) and TOP (bought DAN’s spot).  VG announced they signed WE’s former assistant coach HooN, and WE’s CEO announced that the player roster won’t change (957, Condi, xiye, Mystic, Ben and Zero). RogueWarriors announced that they hired former EDG’s manager as their manager.

LPL returns the week of January 15th, 2018 on twitch.tv/lpl1 with its english broadcast live from the venue in Shanghai.

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