When you’re streaming an esports match, it can be difficult and time consuming to swap the text labels around when teams change sides, which can lead to embarassing mistakes in the broadcast.

Here’s an easy way to fix it: Someone Update The Stream


Set team names and acronyms.  If you don’t set an acronym one will be created for you.  Once you’ve locked those in, click which team won a game.  The program will either auto-switch red and blue automatically, or you can hit Swap Sides to manually change it.  When a match (series) has finished, hit Next Match to reset the round score.  When the one side wins the required number of matches, a winner will be declared.

To include this into your broadcast, add the following files as text sources.  They will be created in whichever folder the program runs in.

Any questions, leave a comment or ping me on Twitter.

Someone Update The Stream source code will be available on Github soon.

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