Yelling At Video Games

Shoutcasting can be difficult, especially if you’re new to it.  But when you start to find your feet, you can find yourself relying on fallback phrases that very quickly become played out and meaningless.

Atlus, Rusty, Riningear, Darius Ex Machina, Michaelwa96, Matt Ross, Mike3kp and Zach have some suggestions for you! Some alternatives to common sayings that will help keep things fresh:

Old and busted: “like hot knife through butter”
New hotness: Obliterated, dismantled, crushing, smashing, destroyed, demolished, ravaging, outperforming, melted, annihilating, decimating, smashing, owning
cut/sliced like a fresh pair of scissors
broke through like an Olympic diver
chowed down like a hungry toddler
sliced like a shredder
taking control over
keeping ahead of
staying a step ahead of
holding the game over

Old and busted: “hanging on a knife edge”
New hotness:
teetering on the breaking point
ready to shatter with any wrong move
ready to implode with the wrong rumble
Go either way, narrowest margin

Old and busted: “chasing”
New hotness: Coming after, on their heels, hunting, pursuing
taking off after
dashing after
extending to go after
catching up with
racing after
on the tail of
running them down
they’ve smelt fresh blood, now are on the hunt and looking for more prey

Old and busted: “overstayed”
New hotness:
getting too comfortable in the wrong place
not using their map sense
getting too greedy
not keeping aware of opponents
not keeping space

Old and busted: “popping off”
New hotness:
on a mission like a man possessed
on a tear
conducting a medley of death

If you’ve got your own suggestions, either for alternatives or for phrases that we can find better alternatives for, leave them in the comments below!

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