Around The World In K/D/As is a new show covering all of the emerging LoL regions, broadcast live at on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights from 6:30pm PST.

We’re also using this as an opportunity to train upcoming casting, spectating and production talent. If you’re looking for a place to get into broadcast, this is how to get real-world experience with a supportive crew who can teach you the ropes.

Every year at Worlds and MSI, teams from these regions show up, and we haven’t heard anything about them.  Not this year!  In 2018, get prepared for the International tournaments.  Stay up to date with the best matches from around the world in LMS, LPL, LJL, CBLOL, VCS, CIS, TCL, LLN, LAS and more!

A teaser trailer:

Meet the cast and crew:

Alex “Bliss” Stinson:

Type: Color
Home: Greece
Pocket square: Always
Main champions: Thresh/Lulu
A tie-game god set on taking the english-speaking world by storm.


Stan “Greyhart” Barker

Type: Play-by-play
Specialty: Being English
Metaphors: On point
Main champions: Shen and then some other champs I guess
A wordsmith of proportions better than the person writing this bio, otherwise it would be better than this.


Jimmy “Preacher” Fu:

Type: Color
Home: OCE
Main role: Top
Main champion: Shen
Has unapologetically played Shen in every role, and won. (Editor’s note: this has not been confirmed by an objective third party)


Jake “Hysterics” Osypenko:

Type: Play-by-play
Home: OCE
Main role: Mid
Main champions: Orianna & Karma
Occasionally casts his own dreams while sleeping.


Doug “EsportsDoug” Cortez:

Type: Play-by-play
Home: NA
Main role: Mid
Main champion: Zoe (????)
Former professional Halo coach.


And finally, your hosts:

Chris “chhopsky” Pollock and Alex “MooshuBeef” Chan:

Type: Color
Home: NA, exported from OCE
Main role: Top
Main champion: Gnar
Once won a 1v1 Bo3 against Oceanic pro Mitchell “Destiny” Shaw while on 170 ping from NA.

Type: Play-by-play
Home: NA
Main role: Support
Main champion: Leona
Founder of, insists that cheese is a vegetable.

Want to see yourself listed here?

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Writer, Editor, Photographer, Video Girl, Audio Engineer, Broadcast Producer. Esports Veteran. I play Gnar, AMA.

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