Proving Grounds TV aims to empower amateur esports content creators by giving a dedicated, curated and mentored space to build narratives and dig deep into esports stories that matter. Working towards the philosophy of “Esports for Everyone,” Proving Grounds is open to creators, fans and players of all games, experience levels, skill tiers and backgrounds including all ages, genders, nations and beyond.


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Proving Grounds TV is a group of experienced esports content creators working independently to help cultivate a grassroots esports content scene by mentoring and funding writers in their earliest work.

While esports and its media scene are in a turbulent phase, we believe that the power of community makes everything gel together. Through PGTV, we hope to empower community members trying to build competitive scenes into exciting and sustainable spaces for their favorite competitive games through the power of narrative and reporting.  

PGTV is funded out of the pockets of its founders, and supported by a group of volunteer head staff and commissioned editors. We aim to provide paid work to everyone directly involved in publishing a piece on this site, including editors. We operate with minimal overhead, paying only for servers and CMS services, and lead editors don’t take a cut unless they are the direct editors of a piece.

If you wish to contribute to our funds, we will have more information on such soon.

Pitching to PGTV:

The staff of PGTV is glad to hear you’re interested in contributing!

We don’t require any prior publishing experience, but having your work available to see is preferable, whether you have popular threads on Twitter or run a blog. While we focus on the core idea and do workshopping on accepted pitches to improve them, we expect potential contributors to put forth their best effort in pitching traditionally.

Please send pitches to: pitches@provinggrounds.tv

For more information on the pitching process, please refer to our Pitching Guidelines document. Feel free to join the Discord and ask our @editor staff and/or inquire in #pitch-help if you have any further questions.