The non-voted in players for the Summit of Power have been set, and despite the casual, laid back, and carefree environment Summit tournaments usually are, the competition is sure to be incredibly fierce.

CAG | GO1- Adult Gohan/Cell/Vegeta

The legend himself was a fairly obvious choice to make this event. He is widely considered to be the absolute best in the game. Most noted for dethroning SonicFox for that #1 title, he is also the premier Adult Gohan player, introducing incredible tech, such as his 214H to force an untechable knockdown anywhere. Despite how obscenely strong his Adult Gohan is, his Vegeta is on a totally different level as well. Many have adopted his style, hanging back and firing ki blasts, while also reacting to any air to airs (like Super Dash), with his air DP. This proved to be one of the most powerful tools in the game, and further cements GO1’s influence.


Echo Fox | SonicFox – Cell/Gotenks/Kid Buu

SonicFox is undoubtedly the best player in the US, and second only to GO1 in the world. SonicFox is not only incredibly strong on offense, but ridiculously cheap – always finding the most broken, unfair thing to do within the confines of the game he plays. His former team, Goku Black/Hit/Android 16, was his go to for a long time up until his defeat at the hands of GO1, but he’s recently undergone a change to find something even more busted. Fleshing out Gotenks has been a huge boon for his gameplan, utilizing restands with Cell, as well as having an overall amazing mixup game on all three of his characters. SonicFox is the main man when it comes to this game, and he’s easily one of the favorites to win the entire thing.


CO| Dogura – Kid Buu/Cell/Vegeta

Dogura isn’t as well known in the U.S. as GO1 in DBFZ, but he is a monster that’s right up there with him. Lest forget, he was the one that put GO1 in the losers bracket at Final Round 2018. He is a top notch defender with fundamentals down to a science. He won’t do too many things that will blow your mind, but he will do everything at a higher level than almost anyone else, all the time.

PG | Nakkiel – Kid Buu/SSJ Goku/Adult Gohan

Recently signed to Panda Global, Nakkiel is America’s best Adult Gohan, and very likely the world’s best Super Saiyan Goku. He is best known for his beginner friendly tutorial videos, as well as his constant innovation with tech involving the characters he plays. He’s one of the few people who has stuck with his team since the beginning of the game, and he’s only improved as time has gone on. His match against Moke was a big moment for him, as he’s long since wanted to prove that he can compete with the absolute best. He will surely be the player to watch going into this event!


EG | ChrisG – Trunks/Android 18/Vegeta

Chris G is a multi-game all star, being most known for his complete and absolute dominance in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 for the entirety of its lifespan. In Dragon Ball FighterZ, he’s one of the few players still playing Android 18, and the first player to beat SonicFox in a tournament (Winter Brawl 12). He is one of the best, if not the best Trunks players, and was a major contributor to the innovation of pivoting in the game – Using your first character to get the first hit, then switching to a character that has better pressure (but is worse in neutral). Having such a strong team will always make ChrisG a threat in any tournament.


TSM | Leffen – Android 21/Goku Black/Cell

Leffen is both the star player in Europe, and the premier player coming from Super Smash Bros. He is undoubtedly one of the best, if not the best Android 21 player, and is most known for his strong personality and even stronger reactions in game. He is the prime example of how well skills from other games carry over to Dragon Ball FighterZ, and this will be the first event where he’ll be playing a large majority of the best players in the world.

Apologyman – Piccolo/Tien/Vegeta

Apologyman is one of two of the best Piccolo players in the world, period. The former UMVC3 Evo top 8 competitor has always had a knack for finding a game-bending cheap mechanic to abuse, and Hellzone Grenade fits that bill to a tee. He’s one of the best players on the West Coast, and is always a threat to win an event he attends. This is on top of the fact that his fundamentals are among the strongest I’ve seen in the game, and you have a real contender to take the Summit of Power by storm.


NRG | HookGangGod – Cell/Piccolo/Vegeta

HookGangGod, A.K.A. Hook. Gang. GAWD, is the 1B of the best Piccolo players in the world, and the newly minted member of team NRG (which is the first fighting game signings for the organization). He is currently the #1 ranked player on PS4, a regular in the New York City FGC scene, and is among the elite class of players in Dragon Ball FighterZ. Like Apologyman, his utilization of Piccolo is unmatched, and his reactions are among the best I’ve ever seen. He is very strong at adapting to his opponent’s play, and switching it up when necessary. It’s always a treat to see how well he fares against the best in the world, and it will be no different in this tournament.

GGP | Kazunoko – A.Gohan/Goku Black/Vegeta

Kazunoko is the third Japanese player in the Summit of Power, and the third premier Adult Gohan player. A member of the Cyclops regulars over in Japan, Kazunoko has quietly cemented his spot as one of the elites. He was the player that took out ChrisG at Final Round this year, and is most known for his 3rd place finish in Street Fighter V in 2017, but he has done exceptionally well in DBFZ this year. Anyone that trains with GO1 is bound to be an amazing threat, and Kazunoko is no exception.


Reynald – Bardock/Cell/Android 16

Reynald is the winner of the Wednesday Night Fights qualifier for this event (HookGangGod being the NLBC winner), and while he may not be as well known as most of the other players, he is undoubtedly one of the most disrespectful (in a good way) players in the tournament. He will always call you on your gaps. He will go after you and capitalize at every single opportunity, even if you didn’t know there was an opportunity there. He will force you to play uncomfortably, and build off of that momentum. If his Wednesday Night Fights performances are any indicators, he will certainly do some damage at the Summit of Power.

There are still more spots available for this event for players that get voted in by fans. DeKillSage, LordKnight, Yohosie, DacidBro, and RogueYoshi are all incredibly talented contenders that all deserve to be in the event, and there are even more players that will certainly make a splash if there do wind up getting voted in. Regardless, this event is definitely going to be one of the best events of the year, despite boasting a casual environment. DBFZ is truly the game that brings players of all fighting game backgrounds together, and this event will showcase that above all.

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Anthony Lowry is a former professional Magic: the Gathering player and writer, and has experience in a large number of esports games. From Overwatch to Hearthstone to fighters, his knowledge and experience is revered by many.

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