After four years as a Riot caster, Devin “PiraTechnics” Younge has announced his departure from the EU LCS broadcast.

In a statement released today on Medium, PiraTechnics said:

“Today marks the turning of the page on this chapter of my career. I’ve decided to officially part ways with Riot Games, and as such, won’t be a part of the regular 2019 EULCS Broadcast Team. This isn’t a decision I have made lightly, but is rather the result of a long time spent thinking and planning the route I’d like to steer myself towards.”

Given Younge’s propensity for Overwatch and Hearthstone on his Twitch channel, is a Blizzard future on the cards for the American-turned-European caster?  Possibly, although his professed love for mobile games mean there are a multitude of options for an ex-Riot caster in 2019.

PiraTechnics joined the EU LCS broadcast after pioneering the original LPL broadcast with Froskurinn and Drakos.  With Froskurinn now joining Drakos on the EU LCS, and Riot taking over the LCK show,  it seems that 2019 heralds winds of change to the viewer experience of all the major regions.

Will the LPL be the same without Froskurinn? Does PiraTechnics’ departure signal the end of the bedroom caster dream? Will LCK retain its unique charm without OGN and SpoTV?

EU LCS is expected to begin the 2019 season as per usual, in the third week of January.

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