There Is No Spork

A spork is superior to a fork in every way.  Similarly, Esporks are superior to Esports.

Allow me to demonstrate.


Esporks has been on the front page of reddit, and there are more every day.


To get the maximum amount of Esporks in your life, download the Esporks Chrome Plugin.

This plugin replaces every instance of ‘Esports’ with ‘Esporks’ (regardless of your preferred capitalization).

ss (2016-08-19 at 11.04.25)

Your life, and the quality of your shitposting, will improve significantly, 100% guaranteed or your money back.  The plugin is free, and can be downloaded here:

If you’d like to create your own Esporks plugin, you can download the source code from GitHub.


Chhopsky is a dedicated shitposter with extensive experience in committing way too much effort for a very small and not very funny joke.

For more Esporks, you can follow him on Twitter.  There’s also Twitch and Reddit but there are way less Esporks.

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Writer, Editor, Photographer, Video Girl, Audio Engineer, Broadcast Producer. Esports Veteran. I play Gnar, AMA.

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