Want to get started doing what you love? Here’s who you’ll be learning from at Proving Grounds.

Victoria RoseThe Flying Courier (PC Gamer/ESPN)
The infamous “riningear” covers the DOTA2 scene for the Polygon-owned outlet. She focuses on accessibility, which in the space of hardcore MOBAs is a real challenge.  Her most well-known work covered the rise to western fame of Newbee mid Song “Sccc” Chun.

Cass Marshall – Heroes Never Die, Immortals (Blitz, Red Bull, PC Gamer)
Cass “Requine” Marshall covers Overwatch for the Polygon sub-outlet, and puts out a phenomenal amount of content. She once famously wrote that “League of Legends is a machine that destroys friendships” and made a lot of people very angry, before they nodded and agreed.

Matt DemersEvil Geniuses (Riot Games, ESPN, Red Bull, TheScore)
Best known for his profile of Erica Tseng, then-Manager of the Taipei Assassins in 2012, Matt has been everywhere, done everything, and is always willing to share advice.

Michael CarmodyLegacy Esports
A businessman through and through, Michael has taken a fledgling Oceanic esports organization and turned it into a professional esports powerhouse owned by one of the country’s largest football clubs.

But all the advice in the world doesn’t go anywhere without somewhere to publish, which is where we, the staff come in.

Amanda Stevens – Managing Editor (Esports Heaven, Splyce, Slingshot, Ginx, Unikrn)
An expert interviewer and journalist-wrangler, Amanda has covered every flavor of competitive gaming imaginable, and specializes in getting real, human interaction out of an interview segment.

And of course, myself:

Chris Pollock Editor-in-Chief (Twitch, Rift Herald, Razer, DXRacer)
I’ve been in tech and entertainment for 20 years, and I solve problems. The problem we have right now, is that no-one is ushering in a new generation of esports journalists.

So what are you waiting for? Every second that you’re not out there giving it your best, someone else is.

You deserve your dreams. Make them come true.

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