Post-OPL depression

Now that OPL has wound up for 2015, it’s a lot more difficult to get your OCE League fix.  But not to worry!  Plenty of your favourite players are streaming on Twitch.  And more often than not, they play together and show up in chat.

SIN Gaming:

  • Juves, Jungler.  Twitch ID is inexplicably Not Juves. Reads almost everything you type in chat like Ron Burgundy.  10/10 thresh hooks.
  • Cardrid, ADC.  Twitter full of memes and puns, has not set anything on fire .. yet.


  • Minkywhale, Top.  Best known for an insatiable appetite for kebabs, and isn’t afraid to tell you so.  Funniest stream fans I’ve ever seen, I literally spilt food on myself from laughing too hard.
  • ChuChuZs, Mid. Name unrelated to trains or eating, and jokes per minute in double digits. The comic relief to Minky’s straightman.


Team Immunity

  • tgun, Support. Best Blitzcrank OCE, hilarious on stream because his friends keep muting themselves on TS3 and his dog constantly tries to get in the room.

Dire Wolves

  • Perfection, Top. Another fan of Rumble, which automatically puts him in my good books.
  • k1ng, ADC. k1ng is seriously underrated as an ADC and manages to get a good KDA even when his team is being brutally railed upon.

Who have I missed?  Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks to /u/Marchioly for alerting me to the Dire Wolves Twitch accounts!

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