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We All Need Healing

First person shooters have always made me uncomfortable because, let’s be honest, they were never designed with me—a disabled woman-- in mind to start with. I lasted maybe thirty seconds in a Halo multiplayer ... More

The Community of EVO

When my flight arrived in Las Vegas from Palm Beach, Florida, I had no idea what I would cover at the Evolution Championship Series. What seemed obvious in talking to pros, competitors and more was being done b... More

Zamasu and Vegito: Week 1

  It’s been a bit over a week since we’ve gotten our hands on the two newest DLC characters for Dragon Ball FighterZ, and needless to say, they’ve definitely shaken up the trajectory of character depth.... More

This Week in Dota 2, June 3-9

Valve Announces DPC Changes for 2018-9 Season Valve released a statement on June 4 establishing changes for the second season of the Dota 2 Pro Circuit (DPC). The new season will have only ... More