Revonext QT3

Review: RevoNext QT3 Headphones

Review methodology: Normal daily use (transit, work)Review period: 2 weeks Quick hot take: If you've got $64 and you're sick of the headphones that came with your phone, the RevoNext QT3 is a fine choice. ... More

PiraTechnics to leave EU LCS

After four years as a Riot caster, Devin "PiraTechnics" Younge has announced his departure from the EU LCS broadcast. In a statement released today on Medium, PiraTechnics said: "Today marks the turning ... More

We All Need Healing

First person shooters have always made me uncomfortable because, let’s be honest, they were never designed with me—a disabled woman-- in mind to start with. I lasted maybe thirty seconds in a Halo multiplayer ... More

The Community of EVO

When my flight arrived in Las Vegas from Palm Beach, Florida, I had no idea what I would cover at the Evolution Championship Series. What seemed obvious in talking to pros, competitors and more was being done b... More