News of the All-Stars were posted to the lolesports weibo at 1AM PST today, with coaches selecting the two players to compete in the 1v1 matches.

LCK, Sang-yong (JAG): Pray, Faker
LPL, Firefox (RNG): Uzi, Meiko
NA LCS, Ssong (IMT): Bjergsen, Sneaky
EU LCS, Youngbuck (G2): PowerofEvil, Rekkles
LMS, Steak (FW): FoFo, SwordArt
GPL, Tinikun (GAM): Levi, Naul
TCL, Pades (FB): Frozen, Zeitnaut
CBLOL, Peter (ITZ): Kami, brTT

The 2017 All-Star event kicks off on December 7th at

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