For a league of legends pro who has been in the scene since 2012, Rekkles’s transfer list is rather short comparing to most pros, he has been and will always been Fnatic’s wonder boy to his fans, but this year, both at worlds and allstar event, he expressed his willingness in going out of EU region and explore opportunities in LPL.

After getting out of groups at worlds, Rekkles and Soaz received a press conference with the LPL medias, in the press conference(full article in Chinese), when asked about what did he want to say to his fans, Rekkles said:

I didn’t expected to have so many fans here in China, if one day, if I had the chance to come to LPL and join a team, I’d be very pleased and honored.

——Martin “Rekkles” Larsson

Today after EU’s match against LCK at the 2017 allstar event, Rekkles expressed same willingness(link in Chinese):

This is the first time that my contract expired, I have thought about going into other regions, I really want to come to China, but none of the orgs I wanted to be on needed me. The experience at worlds in China makes me feel really good, I also started my weibo account, I think it’s very fun to be interacting with Chinese fans.

——Martin “Rekkles” Larsson

But just 8 days after international transfer began this year, Rekkles announced he renewed his contract with Fnatic to last until 2020, 3 years is a great commitment in pro life, Fnatic and Rekkles both acknowledged their synergy is working and will continue working, let’s hope for a better 2018 for Rekkles!

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