From The Bot To The Top

In conjunction with Arteian Studios, we’re proud to bring you the opportunity to apply for exclusive Alpha access to the newest, greatest, most extensible, customizable bot that’s ever existed.

It’s compatible with Twitch, Discord, and Flowdock, with capabilities to interact with Slack, Email, Web pages and even Syslog.  It’s infinitely customizable, and more importantly it gives you the tools to make it do anything you want.

Want to bridge your Twitch chat and Discord channels together?  No worries!  Want that channel displayed over the top of your game so you can read twitch chat while you play?  We got that too!

Currently, access is only available in the High-tier bracket, meaning an average of 500 concurrent viewers.  But not to worry, if you don’t qualify yet, there will be three more rounds of Alpha submissions before we go to Closed Beta.

Prepare your parses, Arteiabot is coming.

Leave a comment below with your twitch channel link and your twitter handle to register.

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