If Streaming’s Got Your Internet Screaming

Say you’ve got two internet connections, and you want to use one for League and the other to stream to Twitch.  This could mean that you’re tethered to your phone, or you have ADSL and Cable.

You can do this pretty easily with static routes.  You want to specify one particular destination should use the alternate connection using the ‘route’ command on Windows.

Command format:

route add [destination] mask [networksize] [whichrouter] -p

(where -p means it will stay after its rebooted. failing to add -p will cause the route to be removed after a reboot. not adding -p is a good way of testing easily because if you fuck up you can just reboot and its back to normal)

If you have two connections on your home LAN, make one router and the other  Turn the DHCP server off on the second one.  If you’re streaming from an iPhone tethering, the [whichrouter] will be, not sure for android.  To  find out things like this, look at your computer’s routing table by typing “route print”.  It’ll give you output looking like this:

ss (2016-05-09 at 03.10.05)

The line with Destination of Netmask is your current default gateway – this is where ALL traffic will be sent, unless an override rule (called a static route) is put in.  What we want to do is specify a default gateway for all traffic, then put in an override for LoL, or Twitch, or whatever.

To specify League of Legends (OCE ONLY, please look up server details for your region if you want to use it elsewhere) to a particular connection:

route add mask -p
route add mask -p

To specify Twitch Ingest to a particular connection (again this is OCE only, these are Twitch Sydney ingest. Please look up IPs for your appropriate destination):

route add mask -p
route add mask -p
route add mask -p


To remove one of these:

route delete [destination]

Please remember the Gateway IP is important as these are relative to YOUR home connection.  It might be, it might be, who knows.  Please use caution when attempting to do this!

These IPs are correct as of May 9th, 2016.  You can look up these addresses for yourself for whatever program you want to use, being aware they may change in the future.

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