Tencent announced the schedule for the first Demacia Cup tournament earlier today.

Demacia Cup

What is Demacia Cup?

Demacia Cup is a yearly tournament hosted by Tencent (League of Legends’ Chinese operating company) since 2014. For 2018, there hasn’t been clear message on how many tournaments there will be(2014-2; 2015-3; 2016-2 ; 2017-1), they only announced Qing Dao Demacia Cup for 2018, and it will be organized by whoever won the bidding. In this case, it’s Banana Culture.

Where is it?

For 2018 QingDao Demacia Cup, it’s naturally hosted in QingDao, a seaside city in Shangdong Province. The venue will be 青岛国信钻石体育馆——Qing Dao Diamond arena, pictured here.

Who is participating?

There will be a total of 28 teams from LPL(12)+LSPL(12)+TGA(2)+Collegiate league(2), since iG won NEST 2017, they will be getting into the quarterfinal without playing in the 1st round(aka the online advancing round).

When is it?

From December 26th to 31th, it’s the online advancing round, 27 teams fight for the chance to get into the quarterfinal.

From January 4th to 7th, it’s the offline elimination round, which will take place in QingDao.

What’s the format?

Except for the final which will be best of 5, all matches will be double elimination in the form of best of 3.

Where can I watch it?

You can watch it at lolesports China’s official website here.

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