Led by NAVER’s news piece (link) on Hoon exposing that he’s leaving Team WE and next year he will be looking for new adventure. Team WE decided to not hold their news any longer, and went on release the info themselves on WE’s official Weibo.


Full post translation:

“In the past one year, our two Korean coaches of the Lleague division WE.Homme and WE.HooN have brought new breakthroughs for us, for now their contract has expired. Homme will take a break for next year due to health issues, and as for coach HooN, after some negotiation, the contract will not be renewed. We thank two coaches for their effort for Team WE, and wish them good health and career!”

Homme has been working in LPL since after 2014 Worlds with VG and Team WE, and HooN has been coach for Team WE for 3 years. Team WE has gone through major breakthroughs in this time – from missing Worlds 2016 by one game to semifinalist this year, paired with 2017 LPL Spring Champion title and representing LPL at MSI 2017 in Brazil.

Fans have been expressing their sadness for the leaving of two coaches, with some of them are trying to guessing the next coach for Team WE.