The movie ‘Why Has Bodhi-Dharma Left for the East?’ (1989) became Korea’s best art film due to its depiction of the world’s defilement and its subtle, marvelous truth. Perhaps the numerous questions asked about the reason for Peanut’s transfer to Longzhu is an extension of this.

On November 21st, the Korean League of Legends transfer market was bustling the moment the clock struck twelve. Some teams hurried to report renewals of their contracts, and others, needing to iron out details, didn’t release their status quite yet. Related personnel were also scrambling to get information on the situation.

The effort to include big name players in a roster knows no bounds. Head coach Lee Jihun of KT driving to Mokdong to pick up Smeb last year would be an example. And this year, “Hirai” Kang Donghun of Longzhu seem to echo the sentiment.

Four minutes is indeed a short time, but it could also be a long time. Head coach Hirai, who discovered that Peanut’s contract was unsettled, called to give his offer at 00:04. Right after, he drove to Ilsan to complete the contract with Peanut at 00:40. Everything was completed in a flash.

Han “Peanut” Wang-ho was moved by Longzhu Gaming and Hirai’s genuineness. Peanut said, “I just waited for it to be the 21st when the decision not to renew my contract was made suddenly on the night of the 19th. During my meeting with the head coach, I could feel his genuineness and truly felt I was needed. I thank Longzhu for reaching out to me so quickly. I want to show good form.” as explanation for his joining Longzhu.

When asked about goals for 2018, he replied, “the first goal is to adapt to the new team.” Then followed with the resolution, “I say this a lot so it may sound boring, but my fans who cheer me through the hard times are so much support. I will repay the thanks and encouragement with good results.”


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